Wholesale and retail trade
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Wholesale and retail trade

All activity of Wholesaling or retail selling. Sale that do not imply transformation indipendently from the goods. Are also included rendering services linked to merchandise selling. Wholesaling normally imply the selling of merchandise ,goods or products to industrial,retailers,institutional commercial, or other professional. Retailing instead is the selling of merchandise ,goods or products for household or personal use. Retailing could be performed from kiosk , shop , stalls consumer cooperatives or department store , auction houses in a fixed location or also in a movable location peddlers, hawkers , mail-order houses.

Retailing and Wholesalingare is the last step of the supply chain for any good. In sthe category are included motor vehicles repair and the repair or installation of household and personal goods.

The activity of packing, repacking, breaking bulk in small lots storage (chilled or frozen storage) assembling and grading, blending or mixing (sand adn wine for example), agricultural products cleaning or drying wood fibreboards cutting out are included

Wholesaling and retailing include more specific activity such as wholesale merchants, importers and exporters, industrial distributors , cooperative buying associations, brokers, commission merchants, agents, ecc.

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